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Features and Benefits of RFID

Features Benefits
Goods & Asset Tracking  
Active RFID technology Goods and assets can be tracked covertly without the need for expensive and intrusive on-board infrastructure
Automatic RFID tag association Automatic recording of assets & goods on and off vehicles – providing real time proof of delivery date, time & location
Record net flow of assets by location Identify locations where asset loss occur – by named drop points and unauthorised locations.
Automatic real-time recording of  arrival, loading, unloading and departure time Comprehensive data for KPI reporting and analysis by driver, location etc.
Identify precise delivery and unloading delays by location, day, time of day etc
Works with all vehicles types from vans through to trucks and curtain siders of all types Complete tracking of goods on and off vehicles and trailers regardless of type – including for the first time, curtain siders.
Vehicle & Trailer Tracking


World’s most sensitive GPS receiver with active GPS/GPRS aerial Accurate vehicle location even under cover
Installation in either vehicle or trailer Flexible deployment to match requirements
Active tag installation in vehicles or trailer -  automatically associates with Telematics equipped unit Wide range of configurations:-
  • actively track trailers and identify attached tractor unit
  • actively track vehicle and identify attached trailer
  • both of the above plus track loaded and unloaded assets and goods
Driver Performance


Automatic RFID tag – driver ID Ability to identify and address driving behaviour
Record driving hours to support
Legal, Safety & Security


Automatic recording of driver activity Provides real-time data for Working Time Directive
Automatic accident recording & alert Supports lone worker requirements
Real-time notification of delivery delays
Automatic roll-over alert Allows rapid response to emergency events and reaction to delivery delays
In-cab alert button Allows rapid response to emergency events. Options provide a range of different voice communication configurations allowing precise identification of alert type (e.g. breakdown, hijack etc)
Automatic disabling of vehicle when a valid driver ID tag is not present Optional security capability to prevent unauthorised starting of vehicle for improved security


Flexible API Provides capability for integration and interfacing with a wide range of back office systems – optimises use of data and results
Tachograph integration Automatic remote data downloads – new tachograph standard. Eliminates need for manual downloads directly form vehicles.
On-board terminal integration Integrates with driver terminal for capturing electronic proof of delivery and other data
CANbus / FMS integration Remote retrieval of vehicles and driver parametric data (driving performance)
Technical – Key Features


Telematics unit with fully integrated RFID Covert installation with automatic RFID association  – links, vehicles, trailers, driver, assets and goods
Twice per second location sampling Exceptionally accurate mileage reporting
Remote configuration of telematics system Vehicles reporting capabilities can be matched to changing operating conditions
Integrated telematics /RFID flexibility The use of agency trucks, trailers or drivers can be easily added to the system by providing additional RFID tags
Configurable integrated motion sensor Senses movement and reacts as configured – alert, start reporting etc
Geofences A range of geofences are available:
  • Operational area
  • No-go areas
  • Congestion zones
  • Locations (RDC, drop point etc)
  • Timed zones
  • Timed route waypoints
  • On-board geofence – records entry and entry times in real time.
Accident recording Identifies significant impacts:-
  • Vehicle crash
  • Differentiates between hitting something or being hit by something
Multiple inputs and outputs Allows monitoring of on-board devices such as :-
  • Driver door opening
  • Load door opening
  • Tail lift operation
  • Temperature monitoring (range or precise temperature recording)
Sophisticated power management Exceptionally low power consumption