Scotia Tower Complex

(Markham, Ontario) Tenants and visitors at Scotia Plaza can now go anywhere within the complex and be securely and wirelessly connected to the world via a newly launched innovative, state-of-the-art, Canadian developed wireless technology investment.

The landmark Scotia Plaza complex is in the core financial district of downtown Toronto, Ontario. It comprises over 2-million square feet of commercial office space in four integrated buildings. The tallest building is 68-stories high. The complex includes multi-level underground parking, a retail/food concourse, main lobbies and elevators to all levels. Scotia Plaza houses the head offices of the Bank of Nova Scotia and numerous tenant businesses.

Scotia Plaza constantly develops productivity efficiencies to deliver first-class services to their tenants. In 2004 they began a review of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions to improve their existing infrastructure. The challenges of building a wireless infrastructure to access everywhere above and below ground were considerable.

“After a full needs review, wireless and Wi/Fi solutions quickly became our priority.” said Darren Da Silva, Scotia Bank Director, Strategic Initiatives, Real Estate. “Our customers were demanding greater capabilities and flexibilities – but also noted that they wanted minimal service disruption in any transition. It was a challenge, and LComm of Markham, Ontario was an early contact chosen after thorough review to implement this major solution with their strategic partner, Bell Canada.”

Scotia Plaza specified their needs for a seamless, wireless infrastructure with built-in future expansion capability – to be the foundation for any future developments.

LComm worked closely with Bell as the project Information Communications and Technology (ICT) provider to design and implement the final installation. “The combination of LComm’s wireless expertise and Bell’s many IT communications strengths was a perfect fit,” said Carl Barrett, Senior Project Manager, Project Management Professional Services, Bell Canada, Enterprise Group. “The successful implementation on this complicated project was in no small part due to the dedicated, talented and intelligent ways that the LComm product and installation teams performed. They are both outstanding.”

In consultation with Scotia Plaza management, LComm products were chosen because they met, and in some cases exceeded, the initial project performance requirements. “We wanted a wireless solution that was expandable – and as future-proof as possible,” said Mr. DaSilva. “The LComm solution gives us all that, and can cater to multiple deliverables”.

“For example, we have seamless integration of new devices and applications on the network – and multiple frequencies. We particularly like the fact that we have centralized control that means that any management of the systems can be done with minimal impact or interruption to our tenants.”

The LComm Wireless solution enables Public WiFi, Voice Over I/P, Emergency 2-way radio, elevator communication, cellular and multiple Private Data Networks per floor. All active components are secure and centrally managed.

The project was completed in five months and has instantly empowered all Scotia Plaza tenants with innovative productivity solutions. For example, guest service hot spots can be created that allow tenants to bring in specialist or private contractors. The LComm solution can securely provide these temporary areas within the complex with full communications access without compromising the integrity or security of the primary client network.

“Scotia Plaza was a major project to cover every area within the complex,” said Jamie Law, LComm President. “Working with the great people at Bell our teams managed to achieve 100% coverage. The Scotia Plaza team is happy and we are confident other facility owners and operators around the word will quickly see the immediate cost-savings of this kind of wireless investment.”

The new wireless infrastructure provides users with an increased productivity capability. Meetings, conferences and networking can now be connected with ease. The productivity advantages are immediate for real-time workers providing wireless network access for any wireless enabled device including laptops, IP Phone and PDA’s. This spans every square foot of the complex providing public access hotspots in specific locations and private connectivity for proprietary network clients and guests.

Scotia Plaza is the first complete individual high-rise complex to produce a comprehensive wireless connectivity solution for its tenants. Yet, the appeal for this innovative Canadian technology solution from LComm is fast attracting global appeal from building owners and tenants.

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