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Get 99.99% WLAN availability with Meru

Whether it's data, voice or video, if it's mission critical, you need your business to depend on wireless. Wireless is ready for mission critical anything and with the Meru WLAN Service Assurance Program, your business can confidently rely on a wireless LAN for business-critical applications.

The Meru WLAN Service Assurance provides:

      Meru provides the assurance and monitoring that your wireless LAN needs to have in order to achieve 99.99% uptime each year. With Meru's Service Assurance Manager at the core, you can predict whether your network will exceed .01% downtime and proactively address the issue.
      With Meru, the wireless network is ready for prime time and beyond. Meru's Real-Time Application Service Assurance provides the assurance and monitoring that your WLAN needs to have in order to maintain continuous toll-quality voice service.
      Thanks to Meru's technology leadership and experience with enterprise 802.11n equipment, we've created a product that allows you to do more with less - in fact, by leveraging the Meru WLAN Service Assurance Program, you are able to use up to 30% fewer access points.

To receive more information on the Meru WLAN Service Assurance Program and get access to a free Forrester report on Total Economic Impact™ Of Meru Networks' Virtualized Wireless LAN Solution, please let us know.

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Meru Networks illustrates the financial impact of implementing Meru's single-channel wireless LAN solution, as compared with other "traditional" wireless LAN implementations that rely on assigning different channels to various access points.

Summary of financial results


Risk adjusted

ROI - three years




12 months

25 months

Total three year costs (PV)



Total three year benefits (PV)



Total three year net savings (NPV)



Internal rate of return (IRR)*



* An IRR could not be calculated for the unadjusted case because the payback period was just under 12 months. Therefore on an annualized basis there was no initial investment to compare against.


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