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AirJuice’s Innovative UHF RFID solution implemented at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, BC for laundry management

Mississauga, ON; February 22, 2010: AirJuice RFID, a leading RFID systems integrator and provider of premium HF and UHF readers and custom antennas, announced today that the new Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia has installed AirJuice RFID portals to more accurately manage its massive inventory of employee uniforms, bathrobes, towels, tablecloths, sheets and other linens.

Acting as the system integrator for the hardwareAirJuice RFID designed and deployed an 8’x8’ RFID portal that allows large mobile laundry hampers, Z-racks, and pallets filled with tagged laundry to be read while driven through the hotel’s service entrance. These innovative RFID portals were custom designed to efficiently meet the operating environment and work flow at the Fairmont Hotel.  The installation utilizes precisely located antenna arrays that cover all modes of delivery including receipt to and from internal laundry rooms and interaction with external commercial cleaners. 
Explaining the overall solution, Robert Lynn of AirJuice RFID noted how cutting edge technologies from various partners were integrated to complement a creative solution that addressed real world needs: “Fujitsu Frontech North America provided washable UHF RFID tags with a read range of six feet that are extremely durable and able to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures during hundreds of washings, dry-cleaning and ironing.”

Lynn is also enthusiastic about the readers
 used to create the Fairmont Pacific Rim solution: “Impinj Speedway® RFID readers were employed to accurately read hundreds of laundry items in laundry hampers as they quickly passed through the portals. Over five hundred tags can be read simultaneously!”

Finally, Lynn spoke about the software component: “Foundation Logic Systems (FLS), being the lead system integrator on this project provided their Linen Manager software to create an inventory management system for automated tracking of thousands of linen items. The FLS software accurately tracks items through the whole cleaning process, from the time they are delivered to the laundry room or commercial dry cleaners, to the point when the items are returned.”

Randy Zupanski, General Manager of Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel said, “When dealing with external commercial laundry facility, previous experience in the hotel industry has taught us that inevitably, items go missing. Often these items are never recovered, forcing the hotel to purchase replacements. What’s more, manual tracking process is time consuming and inaccurate. We anticipate that the RFID tags and software will provide unmatched accuracy and efficiency, plus a significant return on investment by reducing costs.”

Younes Atallah, Fairmont Pacific Rim’s director of housekeeping indicated that within eight to twelve months the hotel will begin to use the data provided by the RFID system to determine the number of wash cycles an item can sustain, and then input an alert system to notify employees when an item has reached its end of life. This ensures that worn or dated garments are removed from the active textile pool.

About AirJuice RFID
AirJuice RFID, a leading system integrator of RFID solutions, is a merger between two veteran RFID development companies:

LComm Global, a wireless engineering firm that designs and installs customized in-building wireless infrastructure solutions and Unified Transponder Concepts (UTC), a leader in design and development of radio frequency tags and antennas. UTC provides reliable detection even in harsh and challenging RF environments (Metals and Liquids).

AirJuice RFID: 416-479-3535 or e-mail: 
Fujitsu Frontech North America: 800-626-4686 or
Foundation Logic Systems: 877-815-6442 or

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