Distributed Antenna

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Distributed Antenna System

Distributed Antenna Systems produce many direct benefits which include enhanced user mobility and real-time access to the network for voice or data transmission and reception.

The overall return on investment is measured by increased productivity and quality - and ultimately by enhanced 'teamwork', better customer service and improved collaboration.

Additionally a cost benefit for management is the increased mobility of people around the networked area or campus.

Cost Effective 
AirJuices’ unique distributed antenna wireless installations support multiple wireless applications on a single distribution backbone. This means 100% coverage is achieved using fewer access points - reducing installation time and hardware costs. No multiple cable runs, workspace intrusion or additional labour costs.

Consolidate your wireless network! 
Save yourself trouble, money and the headache of using multiple wireless infrastructures and networks.  
Our distributed antenna wireless infrastructure consists of a single wireless backbone. This means your network can accommodate simultaneously all Voice over IP phone systems, Video Conferencing, High-Speed Internet, Pagers, 2-way Radios, Security systems, Cellular telephones, WAN & LAN data networks and most other wireless requirements.

Connectivity is essential to your business. That’s why we don’t just offer but guarantee 100% wireless coverage of your facility. In addition to this, AirJuice has customized redundancy solutions to ensure the wireless infrastructure never fails. Never worry about downtime or spotty coverage again.

Our LC2020 distributed antenna network uses a more reliable connection, meaning we can scale up to higher data rates while still providing high density coverage for your facility. Whatever future additions are made to your facility or the Wi-Fi network, AirJuice’s technology is easily adjustable. It doesn’t require complex and costly by-the-square-foot RF planning and monitoring.

RF Mapping
To ensure our promise of 100% wireless coverage, AirJuice provides color-coded, signal-strength maps that document actual dB signal levels for every wireless service deployed.

Using Less for More
AirJuice distributed antenna wireless infrastructures use less than alternate systems to achieve 100% coverage.  This means fewer electronics and devices for you to power, maintain and monitor for failure.
Our LC2020 wireless infrastructure is plenium-FT6 rated and completely passive. Access points are located centrally in a Communications closet. Installation time and inconvenience are minimized. Access points do not require Cat-5 Ethernet cabling to be installed and conduit is not required.


Please feel free to speak with an AirJuice representation today to learn more about how the LC2020 can help your business. 1 416 479 3535



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