About: AirJuice

Better Wireless For a Stronger Workplace

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about AirJuice. We design and install wireless infrastructures that surpass your highest expectations. AirJuice has over 18 years experience in successfully implementing wireless communication solutions for customers throughout the world. We are passionate about delivering the best wireless solutions for all our customers. Every project is a new challenge and AirJuice takes pride in ensuring its customer’s needs are fully met.

AirJuice has proven itself with solutions that are first in their class both in size and complexity including the Toronto Scotia Plaza, a world first involving designing and installing a wireless system for 72 elevator that can run wireless voice, video and data to each car. After, AirJuice implemented it’s 3 month long wireless installation throughout Scotia’s 2,500,000 square foot complex it now has arguably Canada’s best wireless coverage with no blind spots or shadowing. Alberta Government Education, Calgary School Board (100 Schools), Toronto General Hospital (30 Hospitals in Ontario), Darlington & Bruce Nuclear plants, Salt Lake City Airport (Utah) are only some of our other satisfied customers.

AirJuice offers both a traditional wireless (e.g. Wi-Fi WLAN) infrastructure solution and a unique Distributed Wireless Infrastructure Solution (DWIS). DWIS enables customers to effectively distribute multiple RF applications such as WLAN (802.11);, cellular, two way radio, and paging evenly throughout the covered area by taking RF inputs from access points (AP), cellular donor antennas, or other amplified radio signals and distributing them over a neutral infrastructure to AirJuice’s broadband antennas.

One of AirJuice’s organizing principles is to remain current with new technologies and news in the wireless industry. AirJuice does this through its network of contacts, reading industry journals, and attending wireless event and conferences throughout the world. Staying current with our industry enables us to understand which technology is best suited for our clients. For the past 3 years our research shows that Meru Network’s 802.11 Technology far surpasses all other manufacturers including Cisco and Aruba and thus we will only recommend Meru products for all clients looking to maximize their wireless network. AirJuice personnel’s have been fully certified for design, installation and support of Meru products.

Our tests as well as other tests taken from independent researchers show that Meru Networks has greater throughput speeds, better QoS and far better VoIP capability than all other 802.11 Access Point manufacturers. Meru surpasses all other technologies with its patented Air Traffic Controller technology inside all Meru controllers and access points. This technology is explained thoroughly throughout this website.

AirJuice’s headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario and we have offices in Calgary, Alberta, Montreal, Quebec and several offices throughout the United States. AirJuice has a combined employee/contractor total of 24 personnel, including five individuals certified for the range of RF technologies employed in AirJuice’s wireless solutions. We have completed some of Canada’s largest in-building multi frequency wireless deployments on-time and within budget. Your wireless LAN’s requirement can be designed by our certified wireless RF engineers and implemented by our wireless technicians. Our solution is fully guaranteed to work and your investment can be refunded if our solution cannot perform your wireless needs. We believe that AirJuice can provide you with the best wireless solution and we are happy to work with you to implement your new wireless system as smoothly and quickly as possible



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