RFID Reader Antennas

Impinj's 4 Reader Antennas

AirJuice use's Impinj reader antenna technology. It has helped customers find ways to overcome the difficult problems that inhibit RFID deployments, by creating specialized reader antennas with performance optimized to achieve the best performance for specific applications. 

At AirJuice, we define accurate, reliable, and adaptable solutions as systems of integrity. A system of integrity produces the consistently reliable data demanded as the foundation of any business system. To meet this requirement, high-performance RFID tag chips and RFID readers are a given, but RFID antennas play an equally important role. Reader antennas with characteristics optimized for end-user applications enable the entire RFID system and play a critical role in ensuring that the system operates dependably and accurately.

RFID Reader Antennas for Item-level Operation

Impinj's RFID antennas with operation optimized for item-level applications enable superior system performance for a variety of deployments, especially when paired with Speedway RFID readers and Monza RFID tag chips.

Key features include:

  • Tightly controlled read zones to minimize reading of stray tags
  • Application-optimized read ranges—short range (near field), long range (far field), or a mix
  • Application-optimized beam width (angle within which most intense energy emanates)