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RFID Solutions

Only the imagination of the user limits the application of RFID. From Laundry & Garment, to pharmaceuticals, food safety to event timing, AirJuice technology is already providing real-time inventory management, greater supply chain visibility, strategic data mining, improved consumer experience, and more.

From short-range (near-field) to long-range (far-field) applications, for items or aggregate, such as cases and pallets, Impinj components provide a standards-based, highly reliable, and easily integrated RFID solution.

With 15+ years of experience working with RFID technology; tags, chips, readers antenna and everything else RFID related we have the expertise to handle any of your RFID needs:

Tag design and production
Antenna design and production
Reader Integration
RFID Technology Integration

We have developed innovative technology solutions that operate reliably when faced with some common RFID challenges such as:

Proximity to Metal
Detecting Small Transponders
Longer Range Passive Applications

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