Power Generation Site


Large power generation sites employ thousands of people working on various aspects of the operations. The need to be able to communicate and exchange voice and data quickly and securely in such a mission-critical environment is paramount. Quality control, efficiency of service and response capabilities all combine to create a demand load for a reliable technology to connect people throughout the facility.


Deliver high-speed Wi-Fi wireless service throughout the facility in all designated areas.

LComm Solution:

LComm Global Solutions installed an in-building voice and data communications platform. The in-building LC-2020 wireless system provides full broadcast wireless communications for office and site workers throughout the complex.

The system provides guaranteed coverage for Wi-Fi devices – wireless cellular phone broadcast and Wi-Fi 802.11 data access. Workers now have remote access to the Internet, e-mail, corporate applications on mobile devices and essentially can replicate their desktop environment – at peak speeds that are up to 100 times faster than standard dial-up.

About LComm:

LComm Global Solutions is a leading North American developer of enterprise and neutral host Wireless Access Systems, Founded in 1995, LComm Global Solutions is based in York Region, north of Toronto, Ontario. The company develops, manufactures, assembles and distributes wireless communication Distribution Systems that provide wireless enhanced distributed communications which can simultaneously manage:

  • High speed WAN and LAN data sharing capabilities
  • High-speed Internet 
  • Voice Over I/P telephony
  • Cellular, 2 way radio, Paging and Voice


The system can also manage Voice Over IP, wireless PDA, and security systems to provide one total productivity solution that can be adapted for any application.

LComm wireless infrastructure simultaneously supports cellular voice, 802.11 voice & data, pager and video services offered by the enterprise and commercial wireless service providers. Primary applications for this state-of-the-art, secure, cost-efficient, reliable wireless systems are in large buildings, campuses and high-density population structures such as hospitals, government, education, commercial towers and manufacturing plants.

LComm installations are redefining wireless communications services at major campus venues, including Ottawa General Hospital, University Health Network / Toronto General Hospital, Ontario Power Generation, Calgary School Board, Salt Lake City Airport and various public buildings.

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