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Distributors: AirJuice

AirJuice provides innovative RFID and Systems integration & notification solutions to its’ highly qualified reseller network.

Whether it's Healthcare, Hospitality or Industrial, AirJuice has garnered an outstanding reputation of designing wireless infrastructures with 100% guaranteed coverage.

AirJuice now offers this wealth of knowledge along with select innovative technology and leading edge managed notification solutions through a knowledgeable, customer focused network of reseller partners.

AirJuice is becoming the go to company for RFID technology and solutions consultation. It’s unique blending of technology knowledge and market need has resulted in key partnership success with Fairmont Hotels, which has quickly garnered the attention of other North American and International hospitality organizations. Equally innovative applications within healthcare and industrial markets can be addressed with AirJuice’s unique combination of technology and systems integration offerings.

Most recently AirJuice has expanded its’ portfolio to include best in class systems integration & alert notification solutions. Integration with existing safety, security and environmental systems across all market segments with the ability to alert the right people at the right time will accrue immediate benefits.

AirJuice ensures its’ reseller partners are well equipped, well trained, and well supported.


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AirJuice OpenTrackô Tracking and Tracing

AirJuice is our Patent pending all-in one tracking and Tracing software that allows hospitals, hotels and manufacturing plants to track valuables and people in real-time with accuracies of with-in 10 isnches!

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