AirJuice RFID Services

Capitalize on our knowledge base to ensure you have the optimal information for your RFID project decisions. Utilize our expert RF team to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information regarding your RFID project. As a leading edge high frequency RFID hardware design company, you can trust that we are the source for identifying your best technology options and opportunities.

Custom Hardware Design
With over 20 years in radio frequency design and a knowledge base of air-interface communications, we can provide you with the optimal high frequency RFID components. Some of our greatest accomplishments have been in developing RFID hardware for our clients to enable them to capitalize on the advantages of this technology, even when faced with harsh and challenging RF environments.

We specialize in custom 13.56 MHz RFID:

Tag design and prototype production
Antenna design and production
Reader Integration
RFID Technology Integration

We have developed innovative technology solutions that operate reliably when faced with some common RFID challenges such as:

Proximity to Metal
Detecting Small Transponders
Longer Range Passive Applications

Leverage our strengths to capitalize on RFID


FDM Rapid Prototypes

Featuring the Dimensions SST 3D Printer. Send us your STL CAD files for an immediate quote on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). We can turn your job around in 24 hours then FedEx the ABS part back to you!  Send email to: