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Welcome to AirJuice

RFID Experts

AirJuice specializes in wireless and RFID technologies. RFID can be used for tagging, identifying and locating mobile objects and devices. Using RFID readers, antennas or handheld scanners, RFID technology allows objects to be labeled and tracked as they move from place to place in real time.


How RFID Technology Works

Each device you'd like to track is given an RFID tag. The tags can be as small as a grain of rice, thin as a sheet of paper and as flexable as clothing. These tags are passive and can be made to look like anything, they do not interfer with the function of your device nor do they change its appearance. The RFID readers can be integrate with your WiFi netowrk so that your wireless access points act like RFID readers, picking up transmissions from the RFID tags, without interrupting their normal operations. The location and status of each device is continually communicated to the network.

Features and Benefits of RFID Technology

  • Turns a wireless network into a complete, full-featured visibility solution
  • Delivers full asset visibility at a low total cost of ownership
  • Locates any asset or Wi-Fi client Interoperability with multiple location modes, environments, sensors and other visibility technologies
  • Market leading Wi-Fi RFID tags Unique choke-point capability
  • No negative impact or security concern for wireless networks
  • Increased return on investment for WLAN

What We Do With RFID

With 15+ years of experience working with RFID technology; tags, chips, readers antenna and everything else RFID related we have the expertise to handle any of your RFID needs:

Tag design and prototype production
Antenna design and production
Reader Integration
RFID Technology Integration

We have developed innovative technology solutions that operate reliably when faced with some common RFID challenges such as:

Proximity to Metal
Detecting Small Transponders
Longer Range Passive Applications

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AirJuice OpenTrackô Tracking and Tracing

AirJuice is our Patent pending all-in one tracking and Tracing software that allows hospitals, hotels and manufacturing plants to track valuables and people in real-time with accuracies of with-in 10 inches!

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