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Monza 4

Featuring True3DTM Antenna and QTTM Technologies.

The Monza 4 family of RFID tag chips delivers unique privacy, performance, and memory benefits that address even the most challenging of RFID applications. Providing the industry's best sensitivity combined with excellent interference rejection, support for omni-directional antennas (True3DTM antenna technology), innovative privacy features (QTTM  technology ), and expanded memory options, Monza 4 tag chips set a new standard in RFID.

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A New Standard in Performance and Privacy

In addition to expanded memory options, the industry's best read/write reliability, and the most consistent tag to tag performance, the Monza 4 family of RFID tag chips feature:

  • True3D antenna technology—two fully independent antenna ports enable the creation of tags without blind spots

  • QT technology, featuring public and private data profiles that support confidentiality of business-sensitive data and assure consumers of privacy

  • Memory options to support large user memory (512 bits with block permalock) or EPC-memory (up to 496 bits) applications

  • Industry's best read and write sensitivity combined with excellent interference rejection to yield outstanding read and write reliability

  • Gen 2 compliant custom features that facilitate inventory of hard-to-read tags and support rapid access of serial numbers



Model Features Overview


User Memory

EPC Memory

Serialized TID True3DTM Antenna Technology QTTM Technology
Monza 4D 32 128 dot-250-nn dot-250-nn  
Monza 4E 128 up to 496 dot-250-nn dot-250-nn  
Monza 4U 512 128 dot-250-nn dot-250-nn  
Monza 4QT 512 128 dot-250-nn dot-250-nn dot-250-nn



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