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Monza 3 and Monaco Chip Family


Impinj's Monza® 3 and Monaco UHF Gen 2 RFID tag chips support global tagging needs. Their unique dual input design enables a full range of antenna form factors that satisfy applications at short range (near field), long range (far field), and everywhere between. This flexible antenna support capability, combined with broadband sensitivity, excellent interference rejection, and exceptional performance, empower tagging applications from item level to pallet, worldwide.

And with the introduction of the Monza 4 family, Impinj sets a new standard in privacy, performance, and memory benefits to address even the most challenging of applications.

General Purpose, High Performance Tagging

RFID tag chips comply with EPCglobal and ISO 18000-6C, operate worldwide, support direction-insensitive antenna designs, meet commercial temperature range specifications, and enable tagging from item-level through pallet. Monza RFID tag chips are available in both unpackaged die and packaged part versions.

Tagging Requiring Additional Security


All the features and benefits of Monza RFID tag chips, but with additional factory-programmed and permanently locked serialized identification numbers for robust authentication support.


Tagging Requiring Additional User Memory

All the features and benefits of Monza RFID tag chips, but with an additional 64 bits of user-rewritable memory. This memory may be written to repeatedly, with a 100,000-cycle reliability and 50-year retention.

Operating Conditions and Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Operating Frequency 860   960 MHz
Read Sensitivity Limit   -15   dBm
Write Sensitivity Limit   -12   dBm
Operating Temperature -40   85 ºC
Data Retention   50   Years
Programming Cycles   100,000   Cycles
Chip Intrinsic Input Capacitance   775   fF
Chip Intrinsic Input Resistance   1529  

Memory Map

Memory Bank Name Usage (Monza / MonzaID / Monaco64)
USER Memory Not Appicable / Unique Serial Number / 64 bit User Memory
TID (ROM) Manufacturing ID and Model Number
RESERVED (NVM) Access Password
Kill Password



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