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AirJuice Alarm Management System (AMS): AirJuice is proud to announce that it has
been selected as the Canadian distributor by Status Solutions of Charlottesville, VA
( Status Solutions' SARA (Situational Awareness and Response
Assistant) provides situational awareness solutions with applications in vertical markets such
as Long Term Care, Acute Care, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Government,
Manufacturing & Retail, Hospitality, etc;.

SARA is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends voice and text alerts via
phone, pager, email, text messages, etc; to ensure that right information is provided to the right
people at the right time. SARA provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools (to existing
systems and devices) and broadcast communication in a single solution. SARA's Positioning
System (SPS) is patent pending technology that enables enhanced location support for mobile
devices, assets and staff within the Inovonics EchoStream RF Infrastructure.

SARA's software rules-based engine provides a flexible mechanism to consolidate multiple
devices into a common database for reporting and management. When an event occurs, the
notification is transmitted and the event is logged in the database. Each triggered event is logged
in the system's database and retained for reporting purposes and available for management
reporting and analysis. SARA is a network-based system and therefore accessible from anywhere

you can access your network.

Status Solution's Network Operations Center (NOC) provides reliability via remote supervision
and back up. The three levels of supervision include system level, integration level and device
level. As new updates are made available, upgrades can be made to your software remotely.
In the event that a disaster occurs, the NOC will be able to perform a remote recovery to help
retrieve and restore your valuable information. This ensures that your system will always be up
and running.

SARA's Potential Applications include:

o Mass Notification

o Nurse call and other alarm management integration

o Code reporting integration

o Staff & Patient Safety (Staff & Students Safety)

o Patient Wandering

o Infant abduction

o Location Tracking (Asset & People)

o At Home Monitoring & Alerting

o Monitor activities of daily living

o Moisture, humidity, temperature, toxic gas, etc; - Monitoring & alarm

o And many more

Please contact us ( or 1-866-858-0864) or any of our authorized dealers for
more information.


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